Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Michael Johns Will Have To Do For Now

Michael Johns wasn't bad at all. To tell the truth, he was not my favorite during the 7th Season of American Idol. (Did I get the season right?) However I found the way he was voted out a bit premature. He could have shown more if he stayed longer, I guess.

I was vying for David Cook who did win. At the same time, I was cheering for Jason Castro who was soo cute. (Imagine me say this in a high school kind-of-way.) I learned that David is coming here this January. I would have made time to see him if I were in Singapore, but I am home now and I ain't going nowhere so I don't have any problem.

Jason Castro, on the other hand, is a different story. No word yet if he will fly here, but if he did, I will see him no matter what. And I'll make sure I will not be limited to staying at the sidelines. Hah! May gameplan na kami ni JO, ang fellow Jason Castro fan ko!

In the mean time, Michael Johns will have to do.

So I thought I had to see him tonight. And that I did. Actually, it was what kept me up while I was trapped in my hell hole sooo early this morning. Yes, I had to sacrifice some precious sleeping time but what the heck? I'd be sleepy just the same.

So here, indulge in some of the photos I managed to snap.

Michael Johns at Glorietta

The Clean Rockstar


Meeting a Pinoy fan

Kinilig ang sangkatauhan

Astig, may bouncer pa!

My paparazzi shot when he left the Glorietta Activity Center


Running Waters said...

Jason Castro? Was he the dread lock kid? Nakupoh! Hindi muna ako magrereact bago ang iyong confirmation. HaHaHa!

I'm actually relieved David Cook won. I was vying for him too.

Jodie said...

I'm jealous! You don't mention if you enjoyed his performance. Did you? And I agree with you about Castro. If he comes near me I am going for sure.

-tye- said...

Yes, Faith, that's Jason Castro. Bakit? Do you have anything against him? Hmm??!?

Gusto ko siya! (Eeeek!!)
* * *
Jodie, Hi! Thanks for dropping by. Nice observation. I forgot to share how I found Michael Johns' free show. Let's just say that although I watched him during his whole stay in American Idol and somehow grew slightly fond of him, I prefer Constantine's free concert staged a few years ago even if I didn't know Constantine before he came here. Michael Johns needs to work on his charisma more. Constantine, on the other hand, knows how to seduce his audience.

But Jason Castro? All he needs to do is smile and I will love him forever! Hahaha!