Friday, November 21, 2008

What a Day for a Daydream

If you’ve been awake since 12am and your waking hours in the morning are sure to be longer than at night, then wouldn’t you agree that it is a great day for daydreaming? For starters, you are conscious for most part of the day; thus allowing daydreams that run longer than Doctor Chivago, intermission included.

I am not too psyched with my present working schedule because I have a thing with connecting with the people around me who happen to be asleep when I am required to be awake, and who are awake when I am hopelessly forcing myself to lose consciousness. I cannot very well do that if we don’t see each other.

However, if there’s anything that attracts me to this new “challenge” which at the same time poses as my new personal “issue” (note that I am placing in quotation the words abused by my so-called Adarna—annoying!), it probably has got to be being blessed with the opportunity to have a glimpse at the Ortigas heavens at sunrise.

Even with the smog, I say it’s priceless.

It comes as a bonus that a darling-of-a-man (hmmm sounds kinda gay) is singing on my MP3 player.

Bring out the popcorn and let the daydreams roll!

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Running Waters said...

Ang gandah ng lolah!!!

Pero masmaganda pa rin ako!