Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Missing Miss U

I missed it alright. Watching the 2007 Miss Universe Pageant. Actually I missed the pageant before that and even before that and even before that. I cannot really remember the last time I witnessed a Miss Universe coronation ceremony.

It used to be that shows like the Miss Universe is one reason for my family to gather in front of the television and wonder, if not bet on, who will win.

I heard Miss Japan won, Miss USA fell flat on her skinny ass, and Miss Philippines didn’t make the semifinals.

I was hoping to catch video clips on the net but instead I got those takes from the 1994 pageant which was incidentally held here in the Philippines. My youngest brother, Nichi, was just a few days old then. My Grandfather whom we call Tatay successfully taped the whole show. Unfortunately I lost track of who kept that tape after Tatay died.

With the wonders of technology I was able re-live that pageant, the one in 1994 at least. I may drag Nichi into watching the allegedly most beautiful women of 70+ countries (in the year when he was born) out-smart and out-pretty each other to covet that sparkly crown!

You can catch it, too!

Opening Number (Check out our country’s Miss Universes!)

Parade of nations 2 (I skipped the first part. Anyway I’m after Miss Philippines.)

Swimsuit (Is it just me or are their suits more conservative back then?)

Evening gown (Do they still have this little sister tradition until to day?)

The Final Three (The essence of being a woman bit.)

The Crowning (They act funny, don’t they? Demure is funny)

***OK, I've officially abused this YouTube embedding thing.


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