Saturday, May 12, 2007

Ironic. Really. Home. Live. Lucky. Amazing!

In my attempt to find a way to spend more time with Nichi, I missed him blowing his birthday candles.


I had to be somewhere else and in that somewhere else I had to sit through a litany of me living a moral female life, marrying a man who deserves me, not disappointing my parents, leveling of land, gifted children, and fake grass. Which was weird.


But someone I haven’t seen since the summer of 1999 just told me, “Welcome home!” It feels good. It’s nice to be back and even nicer to be welcomed back. I am more than elated to have a valid reason to return. I just wish they really will have me.


I found time to make up for my half day absence by preparing the chicken enchiladas Nichi requested. He enjoyed it, the enchiladas. I just hope his visitors liked it, too. Nichi is now a teenager and, God, I wish he’d survive his teenage years the way most of us do.


We don’t realize it but all of us who are given the chance to be normal are very blessed. I think Nichi’s friends think so, too. They are just as old as Nichi and they can live their lives the way they want to as allowed by their parents.


But Nichi isn’t at all short of luck and love. The mere fact that he’s turning 13 means someone has been watching him from up there, allowing him to enjoy life as we know it despite its shortcomings for him. Then there’s us, Nichi’s family who, in unique ways, show him our love. Nichi’s friends are there, too. Yes they’re young but they do love my brother, I know it. And strangers have come to love Nichi, too. We’re a community who love this 13-year-old kid who happens to be my brother.


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