Sunday, May 6, 2007

My Messy Roomie

It didn’t take long before Migs took over as my roommate after Ate left. I wasn’t enthusiastic about having him. He isn’t really the most organized person in the world. In fact, he is the exact opposite of Nichi who has an obsession and compulsion in keeping things in perfect order. (Notice the oblique comparison. The flow of my thoughts would require me to compare Migs with Ate but I segued to comparing him with Nichi. Imagine me flashing my creative, if not poetic, license.)

But I can’t refuse to share rooms especially because we are short in space. And so I have to put up with Migs’ mess. The thing about him is that everywhere you turn, there’s a sheet of paper scattered, folded, or inserted in between other stuff. I have to say, though, that after pulling out his annoying trash, I cannot help but smile and admire my other brother, Migs, whom I seldom talk about.

The following exhibit will further explain my point:

Black Art. Oil Pastels

Tarsier. Pencil

Isplork! Corporation. Sign Pen

a Yugi-Oh card character. Colored Pencils

Volt-in. Pencil

abstract thing. Oil Paint

Migs has become our resident artist. When he was younger, he just drew things like normal kids do. And I thought he was as normal as others. I really assumed it is but normal for kids to draw their favorite cartoon characters really well. But then, Migs started joining drawing contests in school without us even knowing. We’d only learned about it when he brings home his prize: money, medal, trophy. And he was the Cartoonist for their school organ during his last year in elementary. Now I have reasons to believe that he has THE talent.

Migs turned 14 yesterday. And, yes, he is taller than me now. Everyone’s taller than me now! Of course, that’s besides the point.

Everyone would say that Migs is my favorite. Why else would he have nine photo albums for his first two years on earth? I’d say Migs is special. He allowed me to witness the miracle of life. I saw him during his first few months in my mom’s belly via sonogram. I took mental pictures of him when he was an infant, with traces of Lanugo hair and all. I’ve seen him learn how to crawl, walk, talk, read, draw, add, operate the PC, develop his own sense of humor, shoot and edit home movies, and animate his drawings. From the baby whom he once was, he surely has gone a long way.

I know that he hates me for saying it a lot but I really do love him.

I am being sentimental right now, I know. There’s something about him being a teenager that’s inexplicably nostalgic. And he has his own Friendster account! With 156 of his own friends! I don’t know. What is an older sister to say?

I wish him to be the best person that he can be. And that I love him.

More pictures!

This is probably our first picture together.

During Migs' first new year.

See? He's taller than me! (Taken during our sister's wedding last December)

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