Monday, May 14, 2007

Indelibly Proud

I casted my vote today and, boy, do I feel great!

Although a tiny voice at the back of my head is telling me that me, raving about this elections too much, makes the whole voting thing overrated. But I cannot help it.

On TV, there was an old guy who had a stroke 2 years ago. He is wheelchair-bound and yet he cared enough to go out and vote. I think it was his daughter who accompanied him to the voting precinct. They had a little problem because he was assigned to vote at the second floor of the Public school where he went. His daughter cannot possibly carry him up two flights of stairs. It was a good thing that the elections officer allowed him to fill out his ballot at the ground floor of the school. After which, his signed ballot was brought upstairs and was dropped at the ballot box corresponding to his precinct. His daughter escorted the officer who carried his precious balota to ensure that his voice is protected all throughout.

In a province elsewhere in the country, another old man—much older man—was carried by his son like a baby pretending to be a backpack. The old tatay had to cling onto his son’s back while the son walked a long mile (or miles) from their home to their respective voting precinct.

Some incidents of people who can’t read or write yet voted with the help of their trusted “assistant” were also reported.

These people go out of their way to the point of sacrificing certain things because they care and they have faith. I don’t know how that’ll make the more apathetic among us feel about their…umm..ahh…apathy.

I guess, I do have the right to be proud of the ink stain on my right index finger.

* * *
I was convincing my brother to include Chiz Escudero to his list of senators. I did a quick review on some of our Senatoriables last night via an email I got and GMA New’s Isang Tanong. Chiz seems really good.

Check him out:

For the latest Philippine news stories and videos, visit GMANews.TV"

My brother refused to listen to me despite me nearly terrorizing him. Even while on our way to the precinct I kept on persuading him, “Ano ka ba? Iboto mo nga si Chiz! And galing-galing noon. Hindi ka kasi nanood ng Isang Tanong.” I even made an impression of Chiz just to give my brother an overview of how Chiz’ mind works.

Then he replies, “Hmm, crush mo lang yon e!”

For Christsakes, let him have his freedom to choose! I rest my case.

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