Friday, May 18, 2007

Keeping Afloat

Once the clock struck six signaling our dismissal from work, I cannot help but mutter, “Now I can get sick.”

Everything hurts, from my nostrils to my bones and yet I kept to my word to be there no matter what. To be present, I mean. I think I mentioned it before: My attempt to be more responsible, to be committed and to simply be there. Only the Nichi thing keeps me off from work these days. Which is good because this means that I may be ready for that thing I have been preparing myself for.

So now, not only the signs are manifesting themselves signaling “GO!” Even my system cooperates, well not really my system because I’m sick, but my brain at least. So if the stars align in favor of me, not only keeping an active blog will have a check mark opposite my to-do list. And, boy, will it be awesome to have that second check mark soon!

Through it all, this sore throat will prove to be occurring in the most inopportune time. But I remain optimistic that the sore throat along with the cough and colds will vanish by the time I get that check mark.

Enough of the cryptic babble!

I haven’t much story to tell right now. I haven’t really been going out hence the scarcity on something new to tell.

Well, I was in Divisoria yesterday. Same ol’ Divisoria. I was already feeling crappy then. There’s the sore throat and the throbbing occipital part of my brain. But I went on with the trip. After all, it was an official mission.

The day before that, while walking on my way home, an old man fell off a jeepney. It was one of those great fall. His shoe flew in the air. And his ending position resembled a crude supine pose. Before I got to him to help him on his feet, several pedestrian had swarmed around him to lend their helping arms. Although it meant that I moved too slowly, I was happy to note that people help people even in our time.

Prior to the old guy incident, I witnessed a car accident which happened practically in front of me. A van, a silver car and a pink car couldn’t share space so they ended up scratching each others’ paints and bumpers. It was almost like a sequence in an action movie although less severe. I was awestruck in that island along C5 road and just stood there watching as the pink car could have swerved our way. But as luck would have it, it didn’t.

I guess that’s how one keeps afloat. You force yourself, you are compelled by circumstances, you keep out of accidents, you’re supported by people around you in case you fall, and you are protected by luck.

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