Thursday, June 7, 2007

7 days before 27

This was how my day was like exactly a week before I turn 27.

Wake up when the sun has been shinning brightly for quite a while. Meaning I woke up too late to go to work on time. I opted to go on a half day instead of being tardy.

The half day I spent at home flew fast in front of the PC where I was able to write a single piece.

* * *

Prepared myself to put on my contacts before leaving the house for work. And what do you know? My left lens is ripped!

So much for having a “normal” vision.

Crap! Just when I can’t afford to buy a new one, the one I have gets torn.

* * *

Sat beside a family acquaintance on the jeepney I rode to work. Family acquaintance tried to initiate an exchange of pleasantries. The following chitchat commenced:

Family Acquaintance: Nanganak na ang ate mo?

Me: Hindi pa po. Sa October pa.

FA: Ahh—(smiles) E ikaw kelan susunod.

Me (Looks away from the FA; mutters): Wala ngang jowa…

FA (Pushes the question): Kelan ka?

Me (Looks at FA and feigns a pathetic smile): Matagal pa po.

We all know that what I meant by “Matagal pa po” was “Asa pa kayo?!”

* * *

Work goes as usual which makes it less and less interesting.

(Now I’m admitting how bored I am.)

* * *

Work isn’t all that good at times but, I have to admit, my officemates aren’t bad at all.

I went out to have dinner with them along with former officemates.

At McDonalds.

Fun but rather quick.

* * *

Go do some errands. Bought spices to be brought to the better country I have never been to.

* * *

Hang for a while longer and exchange life’s updates with a friend.

* * *

Go home. Face the PC. Nurture life in the web.

* * *

Lie down and sleep.

* * *

Actually the day was no different from most days. Except this one had more highlights, mostly immature ones. Really.

I badly need to do SOMETHING some time soon.

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