Thursday, June 14, 2007

Only at 17 + 10

It had been a normal day in general save for the early text messages I got—around three to four came in before 7AM, really early eh?—the flat tire on my way to work, my officemates greeting me, then later my family—they were asleep when I left the house so they just sent their “happy birthdays” through text, and later still a minor surge of text messages from friends.

I didn’t have any plans except to go about it as I do in a normal day. But heck, it is my special day! It only comes once a year and yet I couldn’t afford to party. It helps that I took the flat tire as a bad omen so I decided to go straight home.

Of course at the back of my mind I was hoping for some surprises to come but none did which sucked big time. I love surprises and my birthday would have been the perfect time to get one. By “one” I am thinking of a “ta-daah!” along the lines of any aspect in my life. So much for silently expecting.

I didn’t even prepare something fancy for me at home—the food, that is. I just grabbed an order of pancit in the office canteen during our 3PM break—for long life, as if I’d need it! A friend noticed how pathetic my birthday seems to be going that he proposed that we have dinner somewhere. I have to admit that it was sweet but it was rather condescending. The last thing I needed when I feel unspecial is for someone to pity me. But I don’t take that nice gesture against him. Besides, as I have mentioned, I am taking the flat tire as a hint that it’ll be best for me to stay at home.

Obviously, I had a drama attack today. It’s just that being 27 and all make me feel small. It’s frustrating! Luckily I had my Dad to shed some light to that worry of mine. If only I could do his positive messages justice. Hayyy…

Then I got my third Hallmark birthday card from my Hallmark family. It left me smiling again. It’s not everyday that you get a hand (and feet)-cuffed Jude Law for a gift.

(back of my birthday card's envelope)

And since I’m in a scanning-spree I’m showing you the rest of of the parts of my birthday card for this year and those for the last two years.

This year...


2006's (my favorite)...


2005's (for my first birthday at Hallmark)...


Oh yeah, after the noon break at work, Ms. Ria surprised me with a tiny birthday cake—with candle and all. Touching! I had my surprise after all. Unfortunately my phone with a camera is checked-in in a service center elsewhere so I failed to take a picture of my cake. Boo-hoo!

And then I went home. Later, I will retire to bed while planning to wear red tomorrow.

After having posted this, I’m saying “that’s a wrap!” for my first day at being 27.

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