Saturday, June 2, 2007

Blessings Instead of Sheep

To start off my birthday month, I choose to acknowledge everyone who has supported my People Power for Nichi drive.

To date we have gathered a total of Php 5,890.00 (0.19%), a far cry from the Php 3.1M goal (excluding the pre and post transplant costs) but it is nonetheless appreciated!

The 0.19% of Nichi’s Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) cost was made possible by five people whose identities I’d rather leave up to a more powerful being to recognize. To these friends and strangers who have elevated themselves to friends, my whole family’s thanks are with you. We pray that you all be blessed for your charitable hearts.

Also, a month ago, Nichi and I received a handmade greeting card and a cheque from an angel in England. The thought and effort in sending the card and cheque touched our hearts so much that I don’t mind that none of my banks would change the cheque into Peso. To this day, I’ve been holding on to the card where the cheque is still inserted. And although, I work in a greeting card company I REALLY appreciate the homemade card that came all the way from our angel in England. (NOTE TO THE ANGEL: I’m sorry I haven’t pursued the PAYPAL you suggested for easier money transfer. I have to admit that my cyberphobia gets to me despite this blog and all. I’m still looking for someone here to explain to me how it works.)

I am also grateful for everyone who has helped me spread the word: those who forwarded my emails to those within their network of friends, those who spread Nichi’s story to the best they can, and to those who have re-posted my cry for help in their respective blogs. Here’s a quick roll call:

Pinoy Blogosphere – the one that has helped me reach more people.

(If I failed to include you in the roll, please notify me :-))

A Pinoy couple, who was the relative of a friend, living in California has also been helping us find people to support Nichi’s supposed Bone Marrow Transplant. The couple has tapped a community, their Christian Community, to pray for Nichi’s healing. Tito, Tita, you know who you are, thank you! Thank you!

A website for Nichi’s cause has also been put up by Tito and Tita’s relative. Our special thanks go to her.

Several doctors have also generously shared their knowledge and opinions about Nichi’s case. We thank them for keeping their hearts intact in treating and checking my brother. May they be blessed for being more than just men and women of science to Nichi!

More people have helped us raise funds, pray, spread the word, and find doctors whose opinions are precious to us. My whole family is grateful for everything you are doing for us. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

I would like to end by posting the MTV dad prepared showing some of just the few medical procedures Nichi has been through for the past year.

Had it not for hearts who so willingly loved cared for my brother, having Nichi around to this day may not have been possible. Thank you for being His instruments in keeping our Nichi alive!


La Luminescenza del Cerchio di Luce said...

yeah. this is the second time i visited. wala kasi me time to leave a comment when i first read this entry.

even so, thanks for the recognition.

hope all will go well with nichi's treatment.

simplywired said...

hi tye!

u'r welcome. God bless Nichi. More power!

regards to you and your whole family..

charlene said...

waw, ngayon ko lang to nabasa.

si tito at tita ang dapat talagang pasalamatan, eheh.

*kanta* tulong-tulong sa pagsulong... di mabigat kung tulong-tulong...

raks on, nichi!