Saturday, June 14, 2008

28 and Counting

I'm 28! (The thick-rimmed glasses punctuates my age. hehe)

For my birthday entry this year, I’ve decided to count my blessings…

1. I’m alive and almost healthy (at least asthma-free but with one extra floater in one eye).
2. I’m 15-20 lbs overweight, not a good thing but it only means I have food to eat and apparently I’ve been eating a lot.
3. My savings account is not zero. At least not technically. And I am doing well at settling my credit card bills. Yahoo!

4. Just as I wanted when I was younger, I pulled off juggling three jobs for almost a year. I had a day job, I’ve become a teacher and I proofread for a national paper. However, I woke up today relatively jobless but that’s another story.
5. I’ve published 2 Youngblood articles and 1 comment at Cosmopolitan. Plus I have co-edited a book. (It’s not really a book that circulated outside the school but I’m just as proud.)

6. With one less brother-turned angel, my family is well. And I have also welcomed a brother-in-law and later, a beautiful niece.

7. I have friends who I know I can count on through thick or thin, laughter and tears, jologs mode or shala times.

8. I have an ample collection of shoes, socks, T-shirts, skirts (yes, skirts), sunglasses, etc.
9. My flair for writing hasn’t ebbed. At least I haven’t been facing writer’s block that will ultimately force me to go on a writing hiatus. Ergo, my blog is alive and almost healthy. Just like me.

10. I haven’t stopped learning new things everyday.
11. I have been able to buy the books I like to read and/or stare at. And the ones I am collecting are all signed by the author!

12. I’ve appeared on TV at around 4 times. Haha!

13. I know how to commute all by myself. I can even travel to as far as Sta. Cruz, Laguna with me and my bag. And soon I’ll be traveling overseas alone.
14. I know I’ve mentioned this in number 4 but I wish to emphasize on it now: I got a shot at teaching kids for a year—as in inside a real classroom with real students and with real grades involved.

15. I’ve been to GMA and back. At least I had the chance to live the Kapuso experience.

16. The Philippine Daily Inquirer head office has become my part-time home. That is, every so often on Saturdays.
17. I’ve met a whole lot of new people via the internet at a time when my family and I needed help so badly. One Pinoy Doctor based in the US, one music lover in London (?), groups of Pinoys in Canada and the US, friends of friends, families of friends—to name a few.
18. I won a 2-burner gas stove, Php 500 cash, electric fan, swiss knife, Php 2000 gift cheque, and a lamp at different raffles.
19. I’ve mastered Divisoria (well, almost) and have bonded with the place, its people and its merchandise.
20. I’ve watched the movies and TV shows I loved to watch.
21. I’ve learned to use Photoshop and Illustrator, for real.
22. I’ve partly been the person behind some of the greeting cards we see in the country.
23. I’ve gone to the beach, not a lot of times, but at least I’ve experienced the sand beneath my feet.

24. I’ve tried living alone, cleaning everything from my closet to my bathroom, not having to worry about who’d wait up for me at night or what anyone would say about my so-called meals.
25. I graduated from UP, not excatly after four years but it's UP. (Repeat refrain: Quality education takes time!)

26. I was able to afford a facial. I wish to afford one again.
27. Despite occasional threats, my sanity seems intact.
28. I’m geared up for a new adventure ahead and open for a whole lot of blessings to come!


-- Windale -- said...

Happy happy birthday sis! See you very very soon! Mwah!

Running Waters said...

Happy Birthday Tye!!!

Live life to the fullest!!! You still have the whole world to conquer!

meow. said...

congratulations tye! what a nice post :) looking forward to our SG adventure.

-tye- said...

Thanks sa inyong tatlo. ;-)