Friday, June 6, 2008

Neighbors from Hell

I would have gone for a more subtle title but my head is throbbing from lack of decent sleep plus I ended up swiping in late for work this morning so forgive me for bitching.

I’m not asking much really. Just peace and quiet every once in a while or at least at around midnight.

Is that too much to ask?

Apparently quiet is scarce when the neighbors from hell are on the loose.

Last night, unlike most days, we were spared from shrieks and wails from a kid gone wild, and screams and roars from a woman gone crazy. Which was good.

But then, they were in a festive mood, celebratory to be exact. They pumped up the volume of their sound system which filled the air with rock metal gibberish. Hardcore metal and rock is trash to my ears. But I waived my human right to decent music just because someone is celebrating his birthday. I wouldn’t want to be the one to poop the party. (Thinking about it now, I might as well have pooped on their party.)

Being the pacifist I hope to be, I zipped my mouth and found a way to sleep amidst the noise and the party voices which successfully penetrated our walls and shut windows. I had to sleep with a pillow on my head which I hate especially since I tend to panic when my airways are constricted.

I have barely completed a sleep cycle when a loud slam or boom instantly got me on my feet. It was too weak to be a gunshot but I feared bullets will start ricocheting through our walls instead of the trashy music which hardly sent me off to slumber.

And the more-than-a-thud went off again and again and again. If I were anymore afraid, I’d be peeing in my pants.

Good thing I didn’t.

The alleged gunshot sound came from someone slamming the car parked just outside our gate with, oh I don’t know, his hand?

I won’t go into details about what the brawl was all about. I didn’t have to gawk to figure it out. After all, it was too loud to miss. But here’s the gist: some people got drunk thereby causing an unfortunate end to the party.

I somehow wish they got drunk earlier. That way, they wouldn’t have to keep me up until past 12 only to wake me up at around 3AM.

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