Monday, June 9, 2008

My Head in the Clouds

I saw the heavens today and I remembered how I used to adore the clouds. They are one of the most beautiful among God’s creations! I recall how I wished I could hug them. How my sister and brother and I planned to open the plane’s widow just to grasp a piece of the clouds.

Sandra Cisneros, in her House on Mango Street, devoted at least two chapters on clouds. And those white cottons in the sky deserved the space and words allotted to them.

Whoever said that we should learn to stop and smell the flowers should have also advised that we take the time look up to the clouds.

Think about how satisfying and refreshing it is to stare at the clouds every once in a while.

The clouds promise possibilities. They stretch our imagination farther than we realize. They remind us of the calm after the storm. They tell us that big things are possible if we put our minds and even our hearts to it. They somehow represent a grander Being who looks down upon us, guiding us, protecting us.

And if only for that, we can thank the heavens for the clouds it flaunts.

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