Sunday, June 29, 2008

Label Lessons

This morning, we grabbed a hearty breakfast at the fastfood center of Giant Hypermarket. (Which branch? Don’t ask.)

We had (blank_to be filled in later. I forgot the name.) luncheon platter. Within the platter are generous servings of flat noodles, a sunny side-up egg, and two sausages. Then Kuya Wah got us refreshments, fresh orange shake for ate and me, and avocado shake for himself.

Suddenly I missed my local fruit shakes, specifically the Philippine green mangoes. I’m a fan of fruit shakes. I figured, they are better than any Starbucks frappe or a grande Zagu.

One time, I copied the very educational text around my Fruitas cup. I am fond of reading labels. Maybe because they are short and colorful. By reading labels we could learn a thing or two.

Allow me to share the lesson from my Frutas label.

Fruits and what they do us:

1. Strawberry – Good refreshing cleanser for the whole body.

2. Orange – Clean up digestive system.

3. Melon – Gentle laxative that stimulates action on the kidneys.

4. Watermelon – Stimulates the appetite while cleansing the bladder and kidneys.

5. Apple – Helps relieve indigestion, keeps cholesterol stable and suppresses the appetite.

6. Banana – An excellent aid in digestion.

7. Mango – Gives energy, vitality and promotes healthy skin.

8. Papaya – Energy booster that stimulates the appetite and cleanses the internal organs.

9. Pineapple – Aids in the digestion of protein.

10. Grape – Excellent metabolism stimulator.

So there, take your pick!

* * *

At the supermarket, I saw some giant Taiwanese mangoes. They don’t look nearly as enticing as our own mangoes. They are so big and have irregular shapes. My sister says their taste don’t even match to the Pinoy manga.

I’m so glad Shom showered me with her bags full of freshly-picked mangoes! I'm sure I wouldn't be craving for mangoes for the next few months.

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Princess Ody said...

yay! i love reading labels, too at nagustuhan ko rin ang fruitas label when I first read it. :)