Saturday, June 21, 2008

More Playtime With Yzee

The night I arrived, Baby Yzee, my most precious pamangkin, roused from sleep when I peeked inside her room. I thought she would cry because her sleep was suddenly interrupted. But I was wrong.

With no hesitations, baby Yzee smiled at me, said "Hi!", pointed to her heard and belly button, and even showed me her tongue! I didn't think she would be friendly and sweet to me especially because it's been two months since she last saw me in person. But the girl showed me her new tricks as if saying, "look, tita, I can do these now!"

If there is a group of people whom I fear would reject me, that would be kids, specifically babies. But Yzee, she made me realize that my fear has no place wherever she is around.

I roused from sleep the next day after Yzee, along with her mom, peeked inside my room. A smiling pretty little girl interrupted my sleep but I didn't mind.

I have always looked forward to longer playtimes with that charming little girl named Yzee.

Bonding with Yzee...



And more playtime to come!

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