Monday, June 30, 2008

June Ends Here

My birthday month will be ending in a few minutes and I have a few items on my list to check.

- Resign. Check!
- Have my teeth cleaned and filled. Check!
- Get a haircut. Check!
- Get a new job…Still working on it.
- Submit my Kwentong Peyups. Umm pwede pa ba?
- Contribute in My Favorite Movie. Will work on it soon.
- Have my eyes checked. Check! (Yet the floater irritates me more!)
- Read Twisted 8. I’m currently on page 14.
- Break someone’s heart (nye!). Check! (But believe me it’s last thing I want on my conscience. That’s why I don’t find it “nakakatuwa” at all.)
- Turn 28. Check! As if I had a choice.
- Count my blessings. Check!
- Have my hair curled. Cancel. I got a haircut instead.
- Ride a plane and fly. Check!
- Do something special for the PBK people. I’ll still try to do something about it.
- Get lost in a foreign city. Well, that will be easy…
- Once and for all, explain why “battik.” Check!
- Eat not-your-regular-kinds-of-food. Check! (I’d like to thank my sponsors, Ate Win and Kuya Wah for that.)
- Get an extra Project: Brave Kids dog tag. My budget didn’t allow that.
- Play bowling. Check!
- Gather my friends—berks, mare and officemates. Check!
- Stay with my Ate and her family. Check.
- Pack my life in a bag. Check! (My "life" weighed around a total of 34 kilos! And it took 3 bags!)
- Embark on an adventure. Check!
- Have my eyes refracted and get a new pair of eyeglasses. Check!
- Say “Hi!” to LeeSun. Check!
- Settle my credit card accounts. Now those will soon be over. Halleluiah!
- Keep a tiny notebook with no lines in it. Check!
- Get sufficient sleep. I think I can check this now.
- Get an online job. I hope to check this soon.
- Get more blog readers. Nyay, is that within my powers?

***This is not at all my bucket list. Perhaps I’ll prepare one of that nature soon.

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