Tuesday, July 1, 2008

When Imeldific Meets OC

Tomorrow is Madam’s birthday. By “madam”, I mean Madam Imelda Marcos. I know this because of another madam, Ms. Ria, our Brand Officer. When I was new in our office, I wondered why everyone called her madam whereas she doesn’t look old enough to be called “madam.” (“Madam” seems to connote “old donya,” thanks in part to Imelda.) As it turns out, her birthday falls on the same day of that of Imelda Marcos’. Advance happy birthday to both of them.

Interestingly, I wasn’t able to “publish” the photos of my shoe collection on my multiply account, not until yesterday, 84 days after I uploaded them. I called the album, “When Imeldific Meets OC.”

Although it seems pretty much self-indulgent, I feel compelled to share the pictures and the anecdotes I have for each of them. Besides, what isn’t self-indulgent in my blog? (Thereby explaining the existence of the category, “battikcentrism,” among others.)

I have no plans of beating Imelda Marcos and her thousands (or was it millions?) of shoes. And, hello? None of my shoes costs more than a thousand pesos. (None of them even cost more than Php800!)

But just as I had stated to start my Multiply album, “Every once in millennium, a girl’s gotta be a girl.”

Thus, the shoes-es. Despite being on a perennial tight budget, I managed to squeeze in some shoe-shopping sprees, thanks to impulse and credit cards!

So now I would like you to meet some of my favorite shoes, at least those which are in good condition and within reach (meaning, I didn’t have to take more than 7 steps to grab them) when I got a little too obsessed and went all shutter-happy. And each comes with a short story to tell.

Black Unlisted Slip-ons

They are 3-4 inches high and pretty much comfortable—granting you wouldn’t have to stand on them for, oh, about 45 minutes!

I bought this pair using my earliest sweldo. Perhaps it is also the reason why they served as my back-up shoes, often times parked under my table at the office. I couldn’t very well play pantintero with the speeding cars coming from C-5 or get on and off a tricycle in them now, can I?

Avon Red Rubber shoes

My mom gave them to me. She knew I liked them. I have a thing for red shoes which I haven’t quite satisfied. You see, I’m a bit fixated on Dorothy’s famous ruby slippers. (Think Wizard of Oz.) Maybe I’d have one custom-made for me someday. Although I doubt if it’ll look nice. Just imagine a size 8 sparkly red pair of shoes! That ain’t cute. That’s slutty.

Going back to the rubber shoes my mom gave me, I used to wear them with my office uniform—that is before I headed to the gym. I’d rather look baduy than carry extra weight when I’m all sweaty and tired. (Jologs or tamad? You choose.)

Too bad, I wasn’t able to bring them with me. Couldn’t squeeze the bulky pair in my luggage!

Stephanie Slip-on

Out of impulse, I bought them in 2005, I think. I remember the sales lady pulling my leg—well, not literally—and telling me, “ma’am maganda po siya.” Needless to say, I believed her. I never wore them until the family went out last year, during Nichi’s 40 days when I accidentally knocked down the bottle of purple vinegar which got splattered on my cream pants (clumsy me)—the vinegar in Superbowl is purplish, isn’t it? And then I wore them during my last two months at work. That’s when they started falling apart. (Bic all-purpose glue came to the rescue!)

Black Confetti dancing shoes

Well if it were not for the massive heels, they’d pass as dancing shoes.

In any case, they are killer shoes! They hurt my feet so much, they should be illegal! You have to grow callus in order to survive them. I opted to leave them in the Philippines. Maybe if my callus grows thicker and my feet becomes numb, then I’ll have them shipped in here.

Brown Maphisto Babydoll Shoes

Do not be deceived, this is just another pair of killer shoes. Apparently comfort did not come free with this pair. I thought wearing them out would “soften” them. But I was wrong.

Primadonna Strappy Silver Sandals

My sister bought them for me to complete my maid-of-honor outfit. Last year, I wore them during Dodie’s wedding, the first berk marriage. I think I’ll just wear them to all the weddings I’d be attending in the future.

Brown Mendrez Wedge

These I otherwise call, my “teacher shoes,” not because I used them all the time I was teaching, but because I bought them when I was a teacher.

They’re very comfortable to wear—that is, if you are used to wearing high-heels. But a part of it got pulled out the last time I wore them. But no worries. I brought them to the nearest shoes and bag hospital, “Mr. Quickie!” I just hope the “experts” did the trick.

White Celine casual Shoes

It took me forever to buy these shoes—therefore this pair I didn’t buy out of impulse. And when I finally decided I was getting them, I had to contend with the last pair—last pair counting the other Celine branches. I talked my way into getting a discount. And with a little help from Joy, the store manager gave me 5% off. Haha! (Divisoria-schooled!)

This pair reminds me of the shoes I wore when I was a baby--that is, based on my old photos. There's just something nostalgic about this pair of shoes.

I had to use my credit card to buy them. The next day, I earned, in my first proofreading gig ever, almost the exact amount of money to pay for them!

Happy Feet Camel Shoes

This pair zaps me back to the 80’s and I love it! Plus the color reminds me of caramel bars with chunks of chocolates. Sarap!

I got them on sale—70% off, I think. They are extremely comfortable. Talagang magiging happy ang feet mo! I’m planning to get another pair when I get back home. Even without the 70% off, I think this pair of shoes will be worth it. Well may be, almost.

* * *

That's about it. Imeldific and obssessed!


meow. said...

i started a shoe project (different shoe everyday) after collecting abt 100 shoes for KaEskwela's shoe drive. i felt so guilty owning about 20 pairs tapos halos 1 or 2 lang ang ginagamit ko. sarap kasi bumili ng shoes. i don't know why... pero ikaw mukhang addict din. haha :) nice post!

-tye- said...

I know, nakaka-addict nga! But I would be wearing each of them more often kung hindi lang sila masakit sa paa.

While writing this entry, nisip ko nga yung mga kids sa Montalban. I'm really sorry for not being able to support your cause. :-(

gingmaganda said...

ahahaha! may happy feet! will get you bakya oy, what's your shoe size? or do you prefer sneakers? wala kaming half size, but we do have red sneakers hehe.

will send em via kate ;-) kung papayag siya that is hahaha

-tye- said...

waw! talaga?

size 8 ako. hehe.

shucks, torn ako sa bakya or sneakers! hehe. kaw na lang bahala. :-) Thanks.