Saturday, August 16, 2008

Are you Going to Scarborough Fair?

Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme.


The only fairs I know are school fairs and job fairs. I’m done with school so I went to the job-one.

I have never been to a real job fair before. We had a mock job fair during my senior year in high school and I didn’t enjoy it a bit. There was too much pretending going on, making the experience an almost unpleasant one.

But I have to get over my childhood traumas, right? Plus this job fair is manna from heaven. I’d be a dummy if I didn’t go. So I went.

They say that no man is an island. Not true. Some people are. But me? Around here I am a planet—no, make that Pluto. I am Pluto out to prove that I am a planet, capable of blending in and delivering the planet traits I claim to possess. Who knows if I really am a satellite of sorts? The thing is, satellite or planet, I know that whatever I am, whoever I am, I am good at the things I can do. If only I get a break, then I wouldn’t feel too alien.

It would be redundant if I say I went alone. Me and alone are synonyms by now. But then again, why would I attend a job fair with someone? Where is independence in that?

For all its worth, I had a good time at the fair. The competition is fierce, given that the contenders are global. And unlike before, I not only represent the schools I come from, the institutions that shaped me, the home that made me be, and the experiences that led me to become me. This time, I carried the flag of my country for every hi-hello I initiated and for every resume I passed. A bit of a pressure but it’s fine. I’m up for the challenge. It’s not like I’d allow anyone to think that Pinoys are lousy despite some Pinoys thinking that they are lousy.

I set my eyes on the prize. And even if in the ideal world luck should have nothing to do with it, I need luck in order to get the prize I was eyeing for. Good luck to me.

If there’s anything, at least I got some nice freebies!

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