Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Roderick Paulate and Rick Astley...Never Gonna Give You Up!

I'm thinking that this is one of the hottest videos on Youtube these days: Roderick Paulate rocking at Rick Astley's recent concert in the Philippines.

Roderick must be one who leapt for joy once the news that Rick Astley will be gracing the Philippine shores hit the public. He obviously is a fan.

Who doesn't associate Roderick with the 80's English singer? Roderick had been singing Together Forever, Never Gonna Give You Up, Whenever You Need Somebody and other Rick Astley songs since Tonight With Dick And Carmie. For every number, Roderick does his infamous Astley moves.

Astley should, at the very least, thank Roderick for making him extra famous in the Philippines.

I am happy for Roderick. It must have been awesome performing with his idol.

And you know what, he did great. I never thought he is that good. I mean, hey, I'm used to seeing him do lip synchs all the time. Who would have thought Roderick can pull off a live Astley impersonation/performance in front of the (Astley) man himself?

I am genuinely entertained. The cloud hovering over my head suddenly dissipated.

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