Sunday, August 3, 2008

Only at 28

At 28, I’ve decided to grow up.

To handle more responsibilities. To be less selfish. To build dreams and work in order to achieve them. To be less lazy. To try new things I normally am afraid to try. To be more confident about myself and what I can do. To be less of a wuss.

At 28, I decided to leave Neverland.

And now it is up to circumstances, if it will allow me to fit in elsewhere.

At 28, I am praying that it does.

At 28, I shake my head for missing on some recklessness I could have done in my youth: drinking, partying, drugs (?), superficial relationships.

At 28, I realize, despite the things I missed, I have tons of reasons to live for, tons of reasons to stay awake.

A more sophisticated world is unfolding before me, and if the Fates work on my side, more fun are yet to come only at 28.

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