Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Desperate How's-Why's

How desperate can one get?

When the economy is fluctuating, the government is reeking with the stench of corruption, and the future looks murky, staying calm isn’t easy.

But are these reasons enough to be rash? To jump into cloudy promises of salvation? To bet whatever little you have without thinking things over?

The world is not kind. Especially to people in need. And even worse to those who are obviously desperate. So even if you have nothing, there is no room for mistakes. Because with the nothing you have, you may still lose.

Rich people can screw up any time. They have fat bank accounts so they can afford to screw up. They have the luxury of screwing up.

These days when everything is ridiculously tight for most of us residing at the bottom of the economic food chain, it pays to be smart. To take calculated risks and stay smart.

A fact of life: he who allows himself to be fooled is the foolish fool of all.

So you’ve been desperate. Would you be a fool next?

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