Friday, August 29, 2008

A Day in the Life of a Blogger

My blog entries usually come in their titles first. I find myself in a certain situation, if not imagine it, then poof! A title is born.

I would know if that title will develop a body when it wouldn’t leave me in peace. When it bugs me like a persistent kid asking its mommy for a cone of ice cream. Just like how this post wouldn’t allow me to go to sleep.

But today, my title did not come solo. For every segment of the day, a title came popping inside my head.

The first one was “What if they kill each other?” It was supposed to contain my thoughts on how people, who never get along and are most likely to bring their feud to their graves, may kill each other when deprived of a “referee.”

Then I thought, I might sound too morbid and people may once again forget that I tend to exaggerate thus leading to trouble. So I modified my title to, “What if all hell breaks loose?” This would have explored the same “story” but will definitely be attacked on a more general and vague manner.

The third title was “Stuck on Sad.” These two S-words frighten the wits out of me. I don’t want to feel stuck or sad. Being “stuck on sad” will most definitely be a whole new tragic story.

“Smells like PCMC” was the fourth title in mind. Obviously it had a lot to do with me smelling the signature sterilized stench of PCMC today whereas I am a plane ride away from it. More than a year after Nichi left, I still find it a bit difficult to get the thought of a regular overnight stay in his hospital out of my system. After all, PCMC had become a second home not only to Nichi but also to the rest of our family. And even harder than that, I still find it odd how life nowadays have become more complicated and somehow less rewarding.

The fifth title would be, “First was the Vendo.” I am not entirely sure how many people out there are like me, one who strongly distrust vending machines. I have never bought anything from a vending machine before, not until recently when I risked 10 cents for a cup of Milo. I’ve wrestled with the ticket machine at the LRT2 because that was the only way to purchase a card. Next to Vendos I find online purchasing eternally suspicious, thereby explaining why I haven’t done such transactions before, not until tonight only to suffer a serious wave of panic and paranoia a few clicks after. (This may partly be the reason why I can hardly sleep right now. Screw the involved company's system!)

“Why does it have to happen to me?” would be my sixth title. Simple explanation: It’s something I muttered out of exasperation more than once today. And the glitch in my (hopefully) failed online purchase is one stimulus for such frustrated sigh.

But the title that covered them all is the one you see on top. “A Day in the Life of a Blogger.” Instead of recounting how my day went by, I chose to relate how this post came to be. Because this is my day’s story as THE blogger.

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