Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Cleaner Slate—Did you notice?

Yesterday, Kate called my attention regarding my super slow blog site. My blog is normally slow but it isn’t SUPER slow. Well, not until yesterday.

I attribute the normal slowness of my blog to my backgrounds and banners. I may have also overdone the widgets at my side bar. It’s just that I wanted my blog to feature fun widgets, show off badges, record guests and their comments, enlist a blog roll, and display buttons that would potentially bring in money to my site.

But then a bug or perhaps a megabyte overload is screwing up with my blog’s system, hence the problem.

I can only do so much with my beginner’s understanding of HTML and its magic. So the immediate solution I could come up with was to reduce the size of all design elements on my blog and, although I hated to do it, make do with a static welcome banner as compared to the formerly animated one. But since that was not enough, I had to let go of some widgets, too. I did keep my “tools for the workshop” though for my own “consumption.” I benefit from the word-of-the-day feed. I replaced with a linked photo the embedded video of Project: Brave Kids, the cause I would have liked to support as much as I can. Eventually I also had to discard several of my “business” buttons, including the Firefox download button from Google Adsense. I was really tempted to remove my Adsense box altogether since I barely earned anything from it. I decided to eliminate the ads in between my posts instead. I’ll reserve my Adsense’ fate for later.

My blog seems to be loading faster now. By “faster” I mean, not SUPER slow, but slow nonetheless. If an expert is reading this now, I will appreciate any troubleshooting advice from you.

Three good things that came out of it though are as follows: One, my torn sheet of paper for my background is cleaner than it was before (I cleaned up most of the water stains); two, my side bar is less cluttered; and three, I don’t feel much like a sell out now that the non-earning “business” buttons are gone.

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-- Windale -- said...

Nakakabagal talaga ng page loading yung mga widgets dhel nagko-connect pa ito dun sa home server nya para maload yung functions na sinetup mo.

Pero isa ring factor kapag me mga issues yung DSL connection at kung naka WLAN ka.