Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Little Miss Workin'

It is not easy to admit that I miss work, working and having to work.

I miss dragging myself to the office, fussing over the pile of things to do, stressing over work-related problems, feeling trapped behind my desk.

I miss worrying about things that don’t concern me, carrying out responsibilities I can live without, eluding labor monotony by taking the day off, counting hours and checks on my list of things to do.

I miss work-related discussions which sometimes sounds geeky, in the office sense. Moreover, I miss chatting with officemates about whatnots not nearly related to the things we do. I miss the laughing and snickering that ultimately break the ennui.

I guess, what I am saying is, I miss having a reason to go about my day, other than personal ones. I miss the things that, in their own subtle way, take my mind off “me”. I miss the thrill of hurdling challenges no matter how trivial they may be to my life. I miss looking forward to more exciting things up ahead of me.

I miss discovering that I can be less self-absorbed than I usually am. I miss accomplishing tasks expected from me. I miss having a reason for a satisfying, well-deserved break. I miss celebrating “freedom” after a productive day.

I miss talks that stimulate my brain. I miss conversations that nurture the social being in me. I miss the company of new-found friends at work that makes my day less labor-like than it really is.

It is hard to believe now, but I’d say it again. I miss work, working and having to work.

I don’t feel complete being a bum.

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