Friday, August 1, 2008

Not Bad For the First

First thought for the day: By heavens, it’s August! (English talaga!)

I left the Philippines in June. July was a breeze and now it’s August!

That means, I haven’t been making money for that long. Haha.

* * *

To mark the first day of the month, destiny set this day for me to have my first job interview, thus explaining my previous post.

How did it turn out?

Good news: First, I didn’t get lost on my way to the correct building. Second, I understood the interviewer although it was pretty much challenging to decipher her English given the local accent she had.

Bad news: First, I am over-qualified for the first two job openings they had. Second, I am—I wouldn’t say under-qualified, I could learn what they wanted me to know if I take classes on it for at least three days—I guess, I am just not quite the perfect person for the third position they are keen on filling in.

Good news: The HR lady saw potentials in me and said I should find work in journalism. She also said she’d try to coordinate in one department of their company and see if they might be needing me.

Bad news: I still don’t have a job.

Good news: My ego is still intact!

Not bad at all!

* * *

Post Script

Before she ended my interview, the HR lady told me, "You're skin is fair for a Filipina."

I didn't know what to make out of her statement but two thoughts came to mind: 1) You should see my sister! and 2) Ano'ng akala mo sa aming mga Pinoy, puros maiitim?


folly said...

More to come... Way to go, Tye!

But, that HR girl is so rude. If you were more sensitive, that could have passed as discrimination. Although, if you find it as a compliment, good for you. :-)

Yaan mo na siya. Local ba? Ayusin nya muna accent nya! Pag-Indian pa un malilintikan sakin un! :-) hahaha

-tye- said...

Local siya. Bahala siya. Numb ako para mahurt pa sa sinabi niya.

sana nga more interviews to come and a decent job to follow. Soon. Kailangan ko na yata yung "good luck charm" mo. :-)