Thursday, July 31, 2008

Things to do When Waiting in line for an Interview

I missed the morning of Nichi’s birthday last year because I was checking out a certain possibility for my so-called career and how I could earn more while working away from home less.

I thought it was gonna be quick. That I could get back home ASAP and cook those Enchiladas Nichi requested in time for lunch. I was proven wrong. The enchildas were served as an afternoon snack--which doubled as early dinner.

Eventually, I got bored in the queue so I wrote this:

Things To Do When Waiting in Line for an Interview

(A list formulated out of boredom)

1. Clean your nails—or at least check if they are clean. But then be discrete about it.

2. Read anything you can read wherever you are seated.

3. Text anyone who can give you moral support.

4. Check your bag as if you didn’t check it for the last 10 seconds.

5. Stare blankly at anything.

6. Indulge in a chitchat with your seatmates. And if you’re up for it, try to intimidate them. Chances are, they are competition. Hehehe.

7. Smoke or chew candy. Do this if you are bordering on tensed and crazy.

8. Groom yourself. Inside the washroom is recommended.

9. Sleep (?)

10. Make a list like this one.

* * * For those who are up for an interview, good luck!


folly said...

This is so true.. I also did it before. It was even more. Pero weird ang naiisip ko habang naghihintay. Alam mo na. Dirty-minded kasi ako. Ahem! Excuse me.

Wait lng... May interview ka? Di mo man lng ako sinabihan... sana pinagpray kita. :-) or at least, did the number 3 on the list so that i have replied for moral support :-)

-tye- said...

yes may interview nga ako kanina. hehe. I was supposed to call you to ask na rin if nagstart ka na sa work kaso...ayan...gabi na. hehe