Saturday, July 26, 2008

Check Out What I Found (Out) Today!


…a school/office supplies haven at Suntec Mall called Harris. It’s humongous! There you’ll find a lot of things you don’t really need but you'd think might come in handy someday. (I think that’s exactly how I ended up with a lot of thingamajigs I haven’t used which I had no choice but to leave back home.) But I find comfort in those stuff so now I know where I’d go for my retail therapy if and when I have cash to spend.

…a bowling center nearby! Woo-hoo! As I always say: modesty aside—meaning I am saying it in all honesty—I’m no good at bowling but I lab it!

…the Fountain of Wealth where you should stretch out your arm, reach for the water, and encircle the perimeter three times to get wealthy. I found my way towards it but decided to do the ritual when I was with someone else. Later Ate accompanied me there and took photos (and a video) of me completing the required revolutions. I just hope the rite will work.

…a woman’s figure from a sea of bronze tiles (?) at one of the decorated walls of Citylink Mall.

When I went out with Kate and Erman a couple of weeks ago, I saw a tile at a wall at Dhoby Ghaut interchange which I thought was so gay!

the wall:

the gay tile:

...a Starbucks lady with a tank of iced coffe for a backpack. Her friend was helping her hand out a shot of their coffee. Lucky for us, we were there for the free drinks!

…a ball pool at a kiddie place in Down Town East which resembled the famous dance floor filled with bubbles at Ibiza, Spain. (Too bad, I didn’t think of taking its picture, but just imagine clear balls which look like gigantic bubbles packed in one area and the floor beneath those balls lights up and flashes different colors.)

...stamped ink which can only be seen under black light. The lady marked us on our wrists upon entering __(I keep forgetting the name) Resort. OC alert: how long will the selectively luminous ink stay on my skin and how will I know if I managed to wash it away successfully?

...rows of chalets which a lot of people here rent so that they'd have an extra special place to spend the night and to barbecue. I find it fascinating. The place looks like an outdoor fast food center with smokes and houses with beds.

Find out’s:

…that Hallmark cards here are so expensive: they range from S$ 0.60 to S$ 20. Between You and Me cards which go for Php 26.00 or Php 29.00 in the Philippines are worth S$ 7.50 (around Php 247.50) here. Here Warm Wishes cards (those are the cards with the dimension 122 x 154 mm—hehe!) are worth S$5.50 (Php 181.50) when they are sold for only Php 26.00 in our country. And the thing is, I have an idea on the combined average raw litho cost and paper cost for those products. It will be painful for me to shell out that much money for items which I used to get at 50% less the price, if not for free. But then again Hallmark products here are all imported from other countries. Counter and non-counter Hallmark cards being sold here are from Kansas while the wrappers are from…dandandandan…the Philippines! (Next time I’ll check where the handle bags are made!) Wrappers here cost S$ 1 (Php 33.00) each whereas they are only worth Php11.50 if you buy them at Pinas.

…that I now know how to get to Ate’s office all by myself—no more coaching and instructions needed.

… and, finally, that if I gather my fat, thick lips at one point, I can reduce its size up to half its original length. And my face will look thin, too!

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