Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Musings and Lyrics

Foreshadowing: I just got off bus number 21, this time I sat at the top deck—a nice way to see more of the streets, and headed to the MRT station. A decent-looking bum was serenading the crowd. Hmm…the music’s lyrics sounded familiar.

Well don't you know that it's a fool who plays it cool
By making his world a little colder
The arrangement may have taken an Indian twist but I sure know that song!

Hey, Jude, don't make it bad
Take a sad song and make it better

I guess the Beatles did pierce through multi-cultures!

* * *

It’s the second time that I’ve been out all by myself. I’m due to meet my sister at City Hall station. People are passing by me, all busy with their own lives, not connecting with anyone but a buddy or two. And although I miss the warmth of my fellow Pinoys, the virtue which often translates to gawking (pagiging uzi—uzisero), the virtue that makes them stare or smile at you for no apparent reason, I basked into the new world unfolding before me.

So let it out and let it in, hey, Jude, begin
You're waiting for someone to perform with
I just have to accept that, if I want to survive in this society, I will have to embrace the individualistic nature of its people.

* * *

While waiting, I saw a payphone which seemed to be summoning me. It’s obvious what I had to do. Phone home.

And don't you know that it's just you, hey, Jude,
You'll do, the movement you need is on your shoulder
It was nice to hear my dad’s voice again.

* * *

It had been almost a year since my sister and I had the world to ourselves. It was when we had our haircut after Nichi’s cremation. And that was it.

She went home a few months ago but things were crazy and busy then; we didn’t really have an “us” time. Sometimes I still find it weird that my sister is now a wife and a mom. Our common frame of experience is drifting apart. But whenever I see her happy with her life, I can’t help but be happy for her, too.

I have to admit how I was having second thoughts squeezing myself into her life once again. Being that certain changes are relatively new to me, I don’t really now how I’d fit in.

But my mom assured me, “she is your sister.” And it made sense.

Why was I being so melodramatic about it when we have always been sisters?

Hey, Jude, don't be afraid
You were made to go out and get her

We were at Orchard to attend to some business. But we segued to what we once did together—window shopping, if not shop. We went to Lucky Plaza, “the home of the Pinoys,” Ate said.

You would think you were home when you’re there. The people beside you would just talk in Tagalog and buy Pinoy stuff like Boy Bawang, Datu Puti, Sky Flakes, etc. And some signs are just soo Pinoy!

Then Ate bought me Singapore’s version of dirty ice cream. I wonder if it’s just as dirty as ours. Here, street ice cream comes in a bar. It’s up to you if you want it placed in a cup or if you want to devour it sandwiched between two crunchy waffles. I went for the latter option. I was up for the new experience. Good thing I didn’t make a mess.

After consuming our ice cream at one of the street benches, we entered a Mall called Paragon which was much like Shangri-la Mall. We hunted for a swimsuit, a new pair of walking shoes, or new books for Yzee. But we were not able to get her anything. Instead, we ended up buying hand and nail cream for ourselves. And there goes my first not-a-need-but-clearly-a-want purchase.

Ate and I went back to the MRT station to meet Kuya Wah. While waiting we both pondered if we looked anything alike. I doubted it. But Ate pointed out that we each looked like Nichi. Therefore we were more similar than I thought.

It doesn’t matter really. I am just glad to have spent that time with my Ate.

Remember to let her into your heart
Then you can start to make it better

I should not worry much. Because, eventually, things, no matter how alien they are, will fall into place.

* * *

Oh yeah, when we entered Paragon mall, guess who “welcomed” us? Ate thought it was just some good-looking guy. I knew better.

Hey, Jude! Don't let me down
You have found her, now go and get her

I thought I was over him. But apparently I wasn’t. Much.

So for old time’s sake, I had Ate take this picture.

Now you know what the foreshadowing was all about!

Na na na na na ,na na na, hey jude...

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