Saturday, July 19, 2008

Suppressing the Impulsive Buyer

I haven’t used any of my credit cards for 30 days now. I have only spent for one WANT for the whole month. Would you believe? And I am in the middle of the Great Singapore Sale (GSS). Imagine how much restrain that takes. To some it may be fatal.

Last time I checked, I am not dying. I guess I’ll live through it.

Yesterday, one of my banks sent me a message. Apparently I am allowed to borrow Php 91K from them. Hmm… Tempting. If only I were capable of paying them…

The state of being a bum slashes a huge chunk of confidence in one’s habit of purchasing and borrowing money. I am officially a bum. And it silenced the impulsive buyer in me. Which is good.

But the eyeglass frame with leather temples which I saw yesterday was really nice! Argh.

I just hope my luck turns around some time soon. So that my you-can’t-spend limbo will see its end.

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