Wednesday, July 9, 2008

This Feedjit Widget is soo COOL!

Last night I added a new widget to my blog. It’s called FEEDJIT and it’s so cool!

I’m not really a master of the web world, especially of the HTML’s and CSS’s. I remain in a gray area where manipulating websites are concerned. But by blog hopping, I find out new things. Most of the time, I learn through trial and error. I guess that’s how I was able to “dress up” my blog.

And then FEEDJIT live traffic feed happened. It tells you where in the world the latest visitor of your blog comes from and it somehow gives you an idea how this visitor found you. It really is so cool! I can’t quit raving!

I’m guessing that most of the visitors from Singapore are just me. Perhaps it’s a flaw in the system—counting the site owner as a visitor. Although I can point out the Singapore visitors which are not me. But aside from me, I’ve had visits from Mississauga, Ontario; the United States; and Nairobi, Nairobi. It’s also nice to see the Philippine flag as visitors from four different parts of the Philippines came: Cagayan De Oro, Cagayan de Oro (the Cagayan in Mindanao); Tuguegarao, Cagayan (the Cagayan in Luzon); Quezon, Nueva Ecija; and Naga, Naga (who happens to be a Mac user with a Firefox browser—See? Even that I know).

But to protect the identity of your visitors, you will never know who exactly these visitors are. Which is fine by me.

I am just amazed how the world can get a load of me in a click or two.

I guess it is true what they about technology. It sure does make the world smaller!

* * *
If you like to get your own free FEEDJIT, just click on “CLICK TO GET FEEDJIT” at the bottom of my Feedjit box. You’ll get the very-easy-to-follow instructions from there.


meow. said...

yes, pretty cool nga :) there is another widget that shows a map pa. hanapan nga kita non :)

Kerry said...

Thanks for the cool writeup about Feedjit! You can have Feedjit ignore your own visits by clicking Options at the bottom of the widget then click Ignore my browser.
Feedjit Cofounder

-tye- said...

Thanks, Kerry, for leaving a comment and for the tip. :-) I really love what Feedjit does.

Kate, no nedd for the map na. Feedjit has its own LIVE TRAFFIC MAP. Amazing!