Sunday, July 6, 2008

My Third weekend at SG in Pictures

Instead of coming up with texts, I've decided to tag you along with me through the pictures I took during my third weekend in Singapore. (Excuses! Excuses.)

I may be using the camera with the slowest shutter speed but just the same, I am glad to have something that captures better pictures than my phone camera. For that, I would like to thank Ate and her PDA!

So we went to Singapore's Chinese Garden. You can get to it by alighting at the Chinese Garden MRT station (Green Line) and taking the long path that leads, where else but the Chinese Garden!

From there, the journey begins.

Which way is it? You choose. It seems that the Chinese sleep later than the Japs!

I will be your tour guide.
Pardon the big face that blocks the view. I just wanted to say “hi!”

Come to the calm lake.
The Chinese Garden is separated from the outside world by a calm lake which makes the place a haven for relaxation. And the good thing is, there’s no entrance fee at least for the most of the park.

Confucius is no longer in Quiapo!
Obviously I didn’t take this picture but I had to include this…perhaps to pay homage to what my brothers refer to as our "ninuno/lolo.”

Lost, aren’t we all?
This oriental-looking street sign might help you find your way.

A couple of pagodas.
Aww, isn’t that sweet?!?

Another pagoda.
No cold. No wave. No lotion. Get it? (Now I wonder, ilog Wawa ba ito? Pa-cornihan kaya tayo?)

Looks Boston-like, doesn’t it?
I’ve never been to Boston but Boston seems to have been to me. I’ll be damned if I see myself in Boston one day. (And I mean that in a good way.)

I would have gone for a triptych. But you may want to check out this series of three.
Smelling something fishy

Fishy smelling something

Smelly fishy gone crazy!

Ant’s eye-view of a Chinese (or is it Japanese) lantern.

The Live Turtle and Tortoise Museum. The text says it all.

Watch your step. Turtles crossing. Turtles wander freely around after going crazy in the pond. You have to be careful to avoid crushing them.

Big guy here makes sure their kind doesn’t go extinct. I guess that’s self-explanatory.

They rock! These turtles look more Jurassic than others. Seems like “nababato na sila.” Hehe.

Me want 8 little Buddhas! Aren’t they the cutest?

Narinig mo na ba ang latest? Krillin (read as "Kririn") here has bonded with me. Or is it the other way around?

Yzee joins the gang. Maybe the fact that the gang has no hair developed a bit of animosity from my niece.

Bukal sa loob (ng museum). Now this shot of a running water is for Faith!

Pong does the Poseidon. Turtle is bigger than it appears. And I’m not touching it. (I am superstitious. I don’t touch turtles because I am afraid that it will rob me of whatever intelligence I’ve got.) I wonder how this upside-down turtle will get back to its feet.

A final glance at the Chinese Garden. Ahh, still, good! (The dock at the right side leads to Dawson Leery’s house. Joke!)
I wish you had as much fun as I did!

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