Sunday, July 27, 2008

"Danke" in Singapore is Thank You

The point of order for the day is to NOT eat breakfast. Niña, Kuya Wah’s sister, is treating us for an eat-all-you-can German lunch buffet. It was her birthday last Thursday and she volunteered to sponsor our celebration. Being that we wake up late or at least I do, it was best not to eat anything to make room for the German feast.

On the way to the restaurant, we passed by a monument that closely resembled Manuel L. Quezon’s tower at Quezon Memorial Circle.

Later I learned it was a monument for the civilian victims during the Japanese occupation. I’m thinking that Singapore, too, may have its own set of comfort women. It’s sad.

The German restaurant had a…ahh…German feel. (Way to go with the description!) I was supposed to use the word “Teutonic” but then I am not so sure if I remember history correctly. Anyway, I felt I was inside an old German/Teutonic ship. I was waiting for the “captain” to shout, “ahoy!” or how do they say that in German? (Umm, Ody, a little help here please.)

Then the captain will let out a drunken burp—what with the huge beer tank at the center which extends to the second floor? Someone will have to get drunk soon!

So what does Paulaner München has to offer aside from the white people who populate its seats? Sausages—big, small, sliced, whole, interconnected. Sausages! There are also cold cuts (I’m not sure which type and how many), fresh (authentic) pretzels, wheat bread, clam chowder, various pastas, salads—a wide variety, plenty of cheese (I especially enjoyed the cheese platter!), oxtail (that I didn’t eat), fish, crispy pata-like thing, German dimsum (which I didn’t exactly love), cakes, pudding, tiramisu, Swiss ice cream. That is to name a few. But note that there was no rice. There were mashed potatoes but, for a true blue Pinoy such as myself, rice would have been nice.

Just as expected, busog! I was full to the brim that if I shoved any morsel of food in my mouth, I would surely throw up. But don’t think I didn’t enjoy the meal, er meals. I did. I really did. What a way to experience German cuisine! I guess I have to say “danke” to Niña for the treat.

At the spur of the sleepy and full afternoon moment, Kuya Wah suggested that we go ride the Singapore Flyer. It meant that our stuffed bellies will be airborne at up to 165 meters high (42 stories high). It sounded fun!

A few security checks later (you would think you were boarding an airplane), we were inside one of the capsules of the flyer along with several other tourists. A Pinoy lady guided us into boarding the capsule. I was glad to have bumped to another Pinoy here--another Pinoy, who as she dealt with us, seemed to be proud of her being Pinoy. Mabuti naman.

Being inside the capsule, I realized I can cross out acrophobia in my list of phobias. I can survive heights that I actually look forward to go bungee jumping some time in the future.

My non-fear of heights made me appreciate the aerial view of Singapore. Just like a lot of countries, Singapore is a work in progress. Their government is busy improving their land, finding more reasons to draw in more dollar-bearing tourists. I hope our leaders will go through the same trouble, too. It is possible. Just look at how Subic turned out.

I’m thinking that if there’s anything Pinoys who’ve had the luxury of experiencing the good in foreign countries could to for the Philippines, it will be appreciating the potentials of our 1,107 islands. That will most definitely be a good start.

You need not be a thrill seeker to get inside the Singapore Flyer. It’s not like it rotates fast. Just like the wise, it takes its time in completing a revolution. You’ll have 30 minutes to savor the ride, to make a 360-degree turn, to see Singapore in all directions. And if you stand or sit still long enough, you may find it convenient to ponder on some other things too while up there.

For that, I wish to say “danke” to both Ate Win and Kuya Wah for the free ride and for being my gracious host and family here in Singapore.


-- Windale -- said...

your very much welcome :)

Princess Ody said...

Captain is "Kapitän" while ahoy is "ahoi" :) almost the same

-tye- said...

Ody, ang bilis mo naman sumagot sa aking SOS. hehe. thanks!

folly said...

I tasted the Paulaner. It tastes like Cerveza Negra...only smoother!

Ods: natikman mo na ba yan dyan? But I'm sure mas marami mas masarap na beer dyan.