Friday, July 25, 2008

Why do they spend So Much on Boxes?

Every time I open a fresh supply of toothpaste, I get second thoughts whether I am going to throw away the carton or not.

Why do they have to spend so much on toothpaste boxes when it is obvious that people are only after their contents? Sturdy material, embossed letters, and rainbow foil stamping all over the box do make the packaging classy and attractive but they also make it expensive.

I know that it is all part of toothpaste companies’ marketing strategy: to attract customers with their sparkly and colorful product. I get that. But in a more pragmatic point of view, the box ceases to make sense once the consumer decides to start using the toothpaste. When the toothpaste finds its way to the consumer’s teeth, the box then heads to the trash bin. And the cost of the poor expensive box which the consumer shouldered is instantly put to waste.

The way I see it, toothpaste can be sold cheaper if their boxes were simpler.

Plus the nicer the boxes are, the harder they are to throw away.

I could recycle but that will take time. The green people can crucify me now.

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