Sunday, July 20, 2008

My 30th Day Stats

Today is my 30th day in Singapore. Here is a quick run-through of what I have done so far:

I’ve been to: Vivo City, Sentosa (mostly at Siloso Beach), 2 Churches at different locations (one a single bus ride away, the other somewhere near Clementeau Avenue), East Coast, a children’s playground at the other block, a Pinoy’s house a few blocks away, Boat Quay, the ladies' room of the Fullerton Hotel, Marina Bay, Esplanade, Suntec Mall, Giant Hypermarket at Tampines, Plaza Singapura, Fort Canning Park, Istana Park, Chinese Garden, Lucky Plaza, Paragon (Mall), East Point Mall, White Sands Mall, a Pinoy family’s house at Bedok, 2 mini supermarkets across the block, Chinatown, Singapore Zoo, Night Safari, Raffles City, Immigration and Checkpoints Authority, Wisma and Takashimaya.

I have taken 12 cab rides and 21 bus rides.

I’ve had 30 train rides, 31 if you count the one when I alighted prematurely. That’s 15 times with the East West Line (Green)—16 if the premature alighting counts, 7 times with the North East Line (Purple), and 8 times with the North South Line (Red). It really isn’t very difficult to count.

I have reloaded my EZ Link card for five times now, my SG SIM card once.

I’ve tried eating at the following establishments: Thai Express, Jumbo Seafood Restaurant (Chili Crab and all that other good stuff! Yum!), Pasta de Waraku (Japanese pizza and pasta—another yum!), a fastfood center at Giant Hypermarket in Tampines where we had Kway Teow, JustAcea (the one with the free-flowing drinks and ice cream as recommended by Benz), KFC (Singaporean kind!), Old Chang Kee, Mr. Bean (the take away taho devoid of sago Ate bought), Food Republic—a food center at Suntec Mall (?) which looks like Hogwart’s library (we had Prawn Mi and a couple of Pratas), a food joint at White Sands Mall where Ate introduced me to Kopi-C and Kaya Toast (which came with almost raw eggs floating in soy sauce…the solid butter sandwiched in between the toasts was the icky part for me), (authentic) Cavana, Canadian Pizza (I was able to try 4 different flavors in one day due to special circumstances—hehe), Carl's Jr. (I’ve never eaten anything in Carl’s Jr. when I was in the Philippines), J. Co Donuts and Coffee where we bought super tasty donuts, Coffee and Toast where we had better glasses of Kopi-C (and where we ate the J. Co donuts. Hehe), a street kiosk where Kate and Erman treated me to a Singaporean version of maruya, Olde Cuban (which reminds me that I didn’t pay Erman for the refreshments we ordered—my apologies), a restaurant in Chinatown where we had several types of dimsum (thanks to Kate and Erman’s friend, Lester, for that) and Burger King where I had the Singaporean Jr. Whopper meal!

There are 4 ice cream bars now peacefully resting inside my system. As I have said before, street ice cream here comes in a bar. I lost count of ice creams I had in scoops.

I have crashed one despedida party where I had a slice of ice cream cake.

I still weigh the same. And I thought I will lose a few of my excess weight. So much for a change in lifestyle, Shom! Well, I’m just glad I haven’t gained extra pounds.

My 40g toothpaste is about to runout. My bar of soap; bottle of shampoo, femenine wash, mouthwash, contact lens solution, and eye lubricant; and tube of hair conditioner are still good. I am halfway to consuming my supply of sanitary pads—I didn't realize how much I use in a month not until I got here.

I’ve applied for around 72 different job openings in various companies for 17 days. Weekends are my days off at job hunting. Plus I wasn’t able to send any resume when I spent the day with Benz, and Kate and Erman; and last Friday when things became a bit toxic. (Benz, I promise to do that quota thing you were advising me to do!)

I have zero job interviews and three “sorry, we don’t need you.” Three to five companies said they received my application and yet I am still in limbo.

I’ve cried twice—or was it thrice?

I have posted 26 blog entries. This will be the 27th. Two entries remain unpublished because I failed to come up with decent conclusions. I’ve added 9 new albums at my Multiply account and published one album which I had saved long ago.

Progress for my potential Kwentong Peyups and My Favorite Movie pieces are both zilch. The word “progress” wouldn’t quite apply to it. I haven’t formulated a strong topic for my next potential Youngblood piece—gawd, I only have 2 years remaining to seize the glory of the Youngblood byline!

Hmm what else? I have 3 maps of Singapore, 1 of Sentosa Island, 1 of Chinatown, 1 of Singapore Zoo, and 1 of the Night Safari—wait, was that a map?

I’ve met two out of three ex-officemates here, and I’ve chatted with one high school classmate who also happens to be here.

And, yeah, I think I’ve been mistaken as Yzee’s yaya once. Yikes!

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