Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Year Up There

Today, Nichi turns one in heaven.

Here’s a moment of remembering his 13 wonderful years with us. (Please click button below.)

* * *
A message from our dad:

Our dear friends,

This Thursday, July 24, will be a year since our Nichi left us to join the angels in heaven. You all have been part of his life and our family’s life. Allow us to thank you again for all the things you have done for Nichi and for being there when we felt we were alone.

A family friend, Kate, an artist, collated Nichi’s pictures and assembled it into a 30-page album that tells the story of his 13 short but memorable years on earth. We would like to share this to all of you. (Please click on button above.)

May the God Almighty Bless you and your family and keep you all in good


willie, tess, windale, warren, tyrene, jowin, migs & yzee

* * *
This is how Nichi described himself in his friendster account:

About Me:

malakas kumain laging nag-iisip,gusto ko lagi akong may ginagawa,mas gusto kong naglalaro kasama ang aking mga kaibigan,gusto ko rin ako ang bumibili ng mga gusto kong mga gamit,tamad akong maglakad ng mga mahahabang lakaran,mas gusto kong mahaba ang buhok ko.

* * *

Nichi, sana masaya dyan. Lab ka namin. Lab kita. I miss you. Enjoy ka lang dyan!


folly said...

I will close this window crying...I swear.

Birthday ni Nichi ngayon sa heaven!

Kate, good job! Ganda ng ginawa mo. Can you teach me how? :-) Is that a software or mano-mano scrapbooking un? :-)

meow. said...

remembering nichi and the wonderful life he had :) tye, it was an honor to make that album. sobra akong na touch sa buhay ni nichi, he was so pure and kind. i'm sure he is happy and watching all of you.

-tye- said...

Thanks, Kate!