Sunday, July 13, 2008

It Fell on a Friday Last Year

I am not a fan of this day. It reminds me of that day last year, a Friday, when my whole family and I had to take in the worst news we ever got.

It was when Nichi’s doctor said that the most recent tests he underwent showed that his leukemia, which was already bad as it was, had gone worse—it had began destroying his central nervous system. What we were trying to run away from for nearly six years had come. Nichi’s days were about to be over.

These things should only happen on movies. Not in real life. Not to us. Not to my brother.

But it did.

But it did.

Last year, July 13, a Friday, we had to take in the worst news we ever got, the worst news we all had to live with, the worst news Nichi would die of.

It was Nichi’s death sentence.

And he was just 13.

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