Saturday, September 20, 2008

Battik's Workshop made it to the 2008 Philippine Blog Awards - PersonalBlog Category

My gash! I can't believe my workshop made it. There are around 90 blogs vying for the PERSONAL BLOG CATEGORY, meaning I have 1 out of around 90 chance of winning. No biggie! I am just glad to see my blog in the list of official nominees for tomorrow's event.

Wait, tomorrow's event?!? I wanna go! (Fairy godmother, please wave your wand, dress me up and make me a carriage.) Could this be the reason why I had to be here? I wonder.

To my fellow nominees, good luck to all of us. :-)

***from PBA site:

Here is the list of eligible blogs for the Personal Blog Category:

100% Batangueno
A.BBA: Adbentyurs ng Bikolanong Baklang Aktibista
andrecalixtoonline “No Rocket Science”
Ang Pansitan ni Ate Sienna
Bakla Ako, May Reklamo? (I’m Gay, Got a Problem With That?)
Battik’s Workshop
Behind Wonderland
Between Bites
Blog Ex Machina
Blue Pencil Chronicles
Bus Ride Adventures
Confessions of a Pinoy Blogger
Coping Mechanisms: Lifestyles of the Bitch and Aimless
DITZ-REVOLUTION.NET by Helga Weber | Filipina blogger and web designer
Doctor Magnus
Dogs Are Us!
Dream Big [Icepink10]
Everybody else is doing it, so why can’t I?
Exploits of a City Dweller
Filipino Web and Graphics Designer
Following the Yellow Brick Road
Ginger Brew
Guhit Galaw
Gunita sa Lupalop ng Pagtunganga
i am bulitas, therefore i blog
I am Super!
Indistinguishable Gibberish
Is my life~! 期待�八�的天空
It’s all about the Homesick Pinay
It’s True! It’s True!
Just Another Game
Just Typing Out Loud
Kape’t Yosi
Kwentong Barbero .Com: See the World Thru My Eyes
La Bigueña
Learn Lessons with SELaplana
Life with Ria
Life’s Existence
Mandaya Moore-Orlis (Ang Bayot sa Bukid - May Hyphen na Ngayon
McBilly dot com
melissa marasigan official blog site
mico santos’s Joie De Vivre
My Boring Life… Now A Blog!
My Charmed Life
not your word press blog
Okasaneko Chronicles
pamatay homesick
Past Lives
Pinoy Potter’s Chronicles
Random Detoxification
Rants and Raves
Rising Internet Star
s i m o n o n g
scare reyes’ yufielbi 10
Sinjin’s House
Sino si osyr?
Sui Generis
Super Dok
Suzaku Lace
Sweet Serenity
Tanggera: Alcohol, Art, Love and Everything Else Intoxicating
Tennis and Conversation
The Ambivalence Of It All
The Chicken Mafia
The D Spot
the diary of a supergirl wannabe!
The Diary of Joni & Anya: The Melbourne Affair
The Journal of the Jester-in-Exile
the marocharim experiment
The Whereabouts
The Written World
VAKS and the CITY
Webslave’s portal
Webster Twelb Writes
your royal rockness - Money management, make cash online, SEO, business, law, faith, & our day to day adventures

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