Saturday, September 6, 2008

I’ve Been to Paradise but I’ve Never Been to Mint

This afternoon, I tagged along Ate Win at her search for party paraphernalia for little Yzee’s coming first birthday.

We went to a place called Bras Basah Complex. You get to it by alighting at the City Hall MRT station, then by walking away from Raffles City—that is, facing the SMRT Headquarters and with Raffles City behind you, head to your right. That will be North Bridge road. Walk past Chjimes and the Raffles Hotel. You are then soon to spot Bras Basah Complex, a building that resembles the old Greenhills, only this has a Chinese theme.

Bras Basah Complex houses at least three arts and crafts stores which are more of paradise to me. Sure their prices are way expensive compared to ours but they sell several thingamajigs, not found in our country, the kind that brings arts and crafts supplies junkies, like myself, to a high.

Outside Bras Basah Complex there is a sign that points to Mint Museum of Toys. I wasn’t able to go there. It wasn’t in the day’s itinerary.

Actually, Bras Basah Complex was good enough for me. I would have liked to buy myself something from there but it wasn’t in my budget.


gingmaganda said...

wala pa ata yang toy chenes na yan when i went to bras basah. i saw the books though, at diyan pa ata kami nag-mcdo wahahaha

or i could be mixed up again. as usual.

-tye- said...

so, nag "basa" ka sa Bras Basa? hehe