Thursday, September 18, 2008

It's nice to be back

Imagine me saying it the way Robin Padilla would.

Honestly, I wasn't too psyched on going home yet. My mind was set on October 6. I was looking forward to becoming one of the welcome committee members for my younger brother when he gets to Singapore, participating in Yzee's first birthday, undergoing a few more interviews in Singaporean companies that eventually wouldn't take me in, and flying home with my brother and taking crazy pictures in the plane.

For those reasons and some I'd rather not mention, I was a bit sentimental on my trip back home. I felt like I've become a premature cast away, being sent off even before my time.

On the other hand, I was excited to come home. To see the rest of my family, to reunite with my friends, to go back to Megamall's welcoming arms (naks!--which I did today. hehe), to send text messages for one peso only, to spend using the currency I am more familiar with (I swear, foreign coins can be confusing!), and to look to my left first when crossing the street.

Then there's the job thing. Three weeks ago, I was already picturing myself carrying out the job I have always wanted for myself, here in the land where I was born. I was itching to find out if I will have the chance to do it all again, now that I am starting with a clean slate. A part of me cheers whenever the thought of working for a Filipino company crosses my mind. Chances are, it wouldn't make me rich (I'm talking based on experience) but what the heck is money for if I'm happy anyway? Right?

To tell the truth, I feel like it's after college all over again. The possibilities are just twinkling yet at an arm's reach.

Yesterday, as soon as the wheels of our plane touched the ground, the lady sitting behind me said, "Pilipinas, binalikan din kita." Then she proceeded on singing, "Ang bayan kong Pilipinas"--at least the first stanza.

I realized, I'm lucky, I wouldn't have to miss the Philippines as badly as people like her did. After all, I've only been gone 89 days.

So with a semi-crushed spirit of a frustrated tour guide/Ate, a stage Tita and punong abala, and an OFW wannabe, I'd still say, "It's nice to be back."

At the Immigration form of sorts which I had to accomplish before alighting the plane, beside the "Purpose for coming to the Philippines" blank, I wrote, "I'm coming home!"

I would have added a smiling face but I figured that the exclamation mark would do.

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