Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Bringing Order in my Chaos

With a load of shattered dreams in my head, I needed to prod the left hemisphere of my brain to work and come up with the closest-to-brilliant-first-birthday-invitation-I-could-whip-up for my niece.

At least now I am too busy to sulk. Well, my eyes and fingers are.

I have somehow been the invitation-maker of the family. We all have to put my years of working at a greeting card company to use. So from my sister’s wedding invites to her baby’s baptism’s invites, I took over the invitation department.

What’s different this time around? I am not using a mouse, let alone a stylus. I am reduced to a touch pad. (The mouse ate lent me seems busted. It proved to be relatively easier to stretch the fingers of my left hand and hold several keys, including the counterpart of a mouse’s left click all at once while my other hand scrolls around the pad.)

What else? I am supposed to pull things off using Adobe Photoshop alone. I badly need Illustrator for some tricks. So I downloaded a trial version of Illustrator. I got the most recent variety (CS3). I ended up sort-of flabbergasted at the new environment. I could only ogle at the new interface. Thanks to Kate, I found out how to go about Photoshop. At least may bago akong natutunan. And I did the invitation with Photoshop alone.

For a change, I didn’t apply anywhere today. I just did the first option for Yzee’s invitation. (I shall not post it just yet because it might spoil the suspense. I wouldn't want to blow Ate's surprise.) I hope to come up with a better one tomorrow.

Just in case today’s order doesn’t pass.

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