Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Going Bananas in My Pajamas

It’s two o’ clock in the afternoon and I am inside my pajamas. No, I am not fresh out of bed. In fact I’ve been up for five hours and I just took a bath. I found no reason to be in a set of street clothes when I will be in my room all day.

But don’t think I’m slacking. To tell the truth, I am busy. I’ve been racking my brains off and squeezing out whatever creative juice left in my system to produce my biggest print venture of all times. Translation: I am trying my darn best to creatively cover a 2 ft x 4 ft birthday tarp for my niece.

Exciting? Yes, it is. But at times like these, confidence helps. It’s pretty hard placing a design element in a certain space when you know you are no real artist to decide that such design element belongs to that space. Get it?

So I am working with my instincts as my tool. And since my taste level is put to the test, I cannot help but feel insecure.

But I am more excited than insecure so what the heck? Carry on with the project, right?

See I am going bananas in my pajamas! And if you think Sharapova is a loud player, you should see me in front of a PC. How I make animated sounds at the wrong press of keys. How I cheer, “you can do it” to our old PC while it slowly processes my work. How my mom thinks I am talking to her whereas I’m not.

Then again, I can’t wait to see the actual tarp with my design on it. (But I cannot very well post my design here until my niece’s big day. I would hate to preempt the occasion.)

You see, bananas work for me. And for all its worth, I’m glad to have something to be preoccupied with.

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-- Windale -- said...

Thanks so much Tye!

Ang ganda talaga promise! paglaki ni Yzee at nakita nya yung pics at video, mahahalikan ka nya for such an excellent gift.

We're excited to see the bigger version!


-Ate Win