Friday, September 5, 2008

I Have Two Zits

The left and the right.

The first one rests in between my eyebrows, just at the top part of my nose bridge. The one to its right hides behind the right nose pad of my eyeglasses.

I hate zits! They don’t look nice and they hurt, especially if you scratch them by mistake.

Some people seem to be zit-free all their life. They’re lucky! Not everyone gets to have a pristine face.

Zits visit my face every once in a while, by two’s or three’s or was there a set of four? They especially like my nose—the tip of my nose to make me look like a witch or the parts touched by my eyeglasses—nose bridge and temples. I think my eyeglasses sometimes irritate my skin.

One time, I got this humongous zit. I knew it would distract my students if I would stand in front of them when a red circle is screaming on my face. I opted to forgo my contacts and wear my eyeglasses instead. That way, I had a valid excuse to cover my zit.

One student asked, “Miss, why are you wearing eyeglasses?”

I wanted to reply, “All the better to see you with.”

But I restrained myself. It must have been the zit talking.


Running Waters said...

Naman, ma'am! Para namang nag-iisa ka sa pagkakaroon ng zits! Sa lapad ng noo ko, walking solar disc with zits ako. Sorry na lang at wala akong matang pwede takpan ng eyeglasses sa noo ko.

O, laban? ;)

-tye- said...

mareklamo lang siguro talaga ako.

Then again, I'm just trying to make fun of my zits na ang lalaki. MAgmumura sa laki.