Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Tribe Has Spoken, Please Leave the Island

I have -officially been voted off the island and I am coming home. I am composing this piece at the free internet station at the Singapore terminal.

As of the moment I have 11 minutes 46 seconds to finish my exit speech.

Singapore was good while it lasted. On the apparent level, it is clear that I didn't get what I came here for. I did not win the jackpot. But who knows? There may be something I must have been looking for which I did find, only I don't realize it yet.

I am thankful for what my Singapore experience has brought me, what it has taught me, what it made me see.

I am thinking that a chance like this wouldn't happen to me again anytime soon. And I am glad that, in whatever way I could afford, I've maximized my stay here, savored everything I can, see as far down the horizon my vision would reach, floaters and all.

Big thanks to Ate Win , Kuya Wah, Yzee, Nina and Ate Tata for being nice to me all throughout my stay.

Salamat! Salamat.

My time has come to come home. I've packed my knives and I am leaving the runway.

The galactic bell has rung. Boarding time! (Pinas, here I come.)

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