Monday, September 8, 2008

Be Careful what you Pray for

Last night I clasped my hands and prayed, harder than I normally do.

I prayed for my immediate future, for things to be clearer to me, for things to work the way they should be. I prayed that I be saved from limbo, from the anticipation of things to come, if indeed they will come.

I pleaded for things to work out. I enumerated my intentions and explained that they are good, so I really would very much appreciate it if things worked out they way they are expected to, given the situation.

I prayed for a sign. A sign for a promising future. One that will be in harmony with my intentions.

Today I got my answer. My in-your-face-answer.

I have been somewhat absolved from limbo, but not the way I hoped to be. Things are clearer and are probably going the way they should be. Not necessarily the way I pictured them, but what can I do?

I prayed a lot of things last night. But I forgot to pray for one thing. I didn’t ask to be granted sufficient courage to accept the answers to the prayers I prayed for.

Quite frankly, I wasn’t ready for this.

I could have used the 20 more days I tried asking for.


meow. said...

i admire you for trying and always being positive about the experience :) fight lang!

Running Waters said...


Have FUN.
Everything is in DIVINE ORDER.

Follow your Heart, and you will never go wrong.

Hugs, Tye!

I'm always here for you!

Much love,

gingmaganda said...

wahappened? i'm so clueless!

-tye- said...


Buhay (ko) nga naman.