Saturday, September 13, 2008

My First and Last Saturdays at Sentosa

My first Saturday here, Ate Win and the rest of the family brought me to Sentosa. We didn’t stay long, after wading at the Siloso beach and missing the Songs of the Sea show. We all thought we’d save exploring the park when Soy and the rest of Kuya Wah’s family were. We would have had a one time, big time trip by then.

But circumstances changed, hence my last Saturday at Sentosa. I’ll let the pictures I took tell the day’s story.

Instead of taking the monorail like we did before, we now hopped on a cable car.

Cable car passes through one of those imperfect triangular holes.

Look down below!

Among others, these are two grounds to fall unto. Hehe.

The Imbiah Lookout is the drop off point of the cable car ride. This part of Sentosa has eight attractions that are at a walking distance from each other: Cable car, Carlsberg Sky Tower, The Merlion, Images of Singapore, Luge and Skyride, Cineblast, 4D Magix, and Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom.

Yzee looking pretty while waiting for the bus that will take us to the Dolphin Lagoon.


A Sentosa intersection.

Hotdog King daw siya. Kabarkada kaya niya si Burger King?

Pagala-galang ibon.

Few snippets inside the Underwater World

Yellow sea horse.

Crustacean version of Grey’s Anatomy.

Mga nakadali kay Dory na sinave ni “Jellyman.”

A kababayan has become a household name.

The tram ride which brought us from the Underwater world to Siloso Beach for the Songs of the Sea Show.

Stage for Songs of the Sea.

I loved the lights on the floor.

Trip to Palawan.

Empty bus. Kami lang ang sakay. When we got off, the driver said something like, “Salamat sa pagsakay.” Pinoy pala siya!

This probably is my last view of Sentosa. (Or is this Vivo City already?)

I really did enjoy Sentosa more this time around. I’d like to thank Ate Win and Kuya Wah for making the last-minute tour possible.

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Running Waters said...

I'm glad you are enjoying your last week (for now!) in Singapore!