Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My God, I’m Everywhere!

I was walking along Orchard Road where certain streets are closed because of on-going construction. I could not help but mutter to myself, “What’s wrong with this country? Why is it perennially under construction?” When I looked up, I almost peed on my pants out of shock. I saw this:

“What the f***!? Who leaked my photo and what is it doing there???”

* * *

It’s the same feeling I got when a close friend of mine texted me to tell me to check out the latest cover of Vogue.

Needless to say, I was blown away.

* * *

It’s not like having my face published is very slim. A few years ago, my family were astonished to discover that my brothers made it to the cover of a newspaper in Minnesota.

The publishers must have thought that the involvement of such young minds to politics is a milestone to human kind.

* * *

Meanwhile, on a street in London, this picture came out:

I heard that they were celebrating Bridesmaids' day.

* * *

At another part of the globe, a tarpaulin with my siblings and I are being put down.

I guess, our faces have served their purpose.

* * *

In one different street, though, my solo posters are starting to wither.

But I assure everyone that Oblation’s influence on me is more than intact.

* * *

On the other hand, my Intramurous billboard with my friends is going strong in one almost deserted road I'd rather not name.

* * *

Then there’s the other one at the subway.

Just like the Intramuros billboard, this one’s supposed to promote Philippine tourism among the younger crowd.

* * *

I can still remember the prank pulled by this dude years ago wherein he posted an almost life-sized tarpaulin of me and the rest of the stage managers for a play.

* * *

After everything, I am still not too psyched at the thought that my face is everywhere. I was pretty much panicking when I lost an envelope of freshly-printed photos of me. A source told me that the lost pictures were seen in the hands of a man who was drinking in a bar.

Perhaps after seeing my pictures, the man thought he was thirsty, too!

* * *

I didn’t mind, however, the photo of my family which was put up in a mall. I don’t think anyone will recognize me in that shot, anyway.

* * *

The same goes with an office picture which became part of a recent contemporary art exhibit.

It’s not like, in a normal day, I'd look like the way I looked in photo above.

* * *

I should stop this now. Or else I’ll being seeing me so much, I’d overdose myself.

* * *

So here is the punchline: Charing!

If you believed any of my stories above, well then you are crazier than I am. Somehow, that will be comforting to know!

Today’s venture is a product of sheer boredom and the addicting PhotoFunia phenomenon. You should try it. It’s fun.

For posterity’s sake, I made this one for my late brother/star, Nichi:


Running Waters said...

Oh my!!! I should try this for myself! HaHaHa! Thanks for the link, Tye!

Pwede ba sendan mo din ako nung picture natin na "bridemaids"... LOL!

Miss you!

-tye- said...

Sent na!

I hope to see kung ano naman ang nagawa mo with photofunia. hehe.

Ang saya ang talagang nakakaadik! hehe

gingmaganda said...

grabe, andami mong oras bakla. as in. haha.

-tye- said...